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The Essence of Trading Psychology In One Skill (Paperback)

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Do you: *Freeze right when you're supposed to take a signal? *Consistently risk more than you should on your trades? *Prematurely exit good trades and hang on to bad ones? *Beat yourself up after a losing trade? *Compare your results to others? As any real trader who trades for a living will attest, these are recurring behaviors that can be difficult to eradicate. And the reason is rather simple: the pressure -- to perform, to sustain a living, to pay the bills -- engineers anxiety, stress, and other limiting states of the mind which precisely affects behavior, and makes trading consistently a battle that is difficult to win. For a very long time, I have struggled with those too, but the more I learned about myself, the more I realized that all these problems have the same origin at their core -- and they're solvable! I am incredibly excited to put this book into your hands! I have been trading for a living since 2006 and I went through multiple failures in the markets. I will show you how I am now able to sustain consistency in my behavior and my results -- it's not as hard as you may think! The essence of trading psychology in one skill is a concise and practical guide to change, and at its core is one simple concept which you can start to apply right away.