This is How You Heal Book Review

When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal | Book Review

Being overwhelmed by failure and grief is never easy. The process of healing takes a lot of patience and time so you may completely recover from the situation you have experienced.

I recently discovered this newly released book, “When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal” by Briana Wiest. The book is highly recommended for those who are in pain and in despair. It may also be helpful for people who are tired, restless or having issues with their mental health. This book inspires the reader to focus on self-improvement and self-discovery. It does not only contain life lessons and advice but also gives reassurance to the reader like a friend listening quietly by their side.  

The author of this book, Brianna Wiest, is substantially a natural writer in writing self-help and self-improvement books. Through writing the international best-selling titles such as "101 Essays That Change The Way You Think" and "The Mountain Is You”, she has been an icon in giving out pure advice, inspirational thoughts, words of motivation and a feeling of comfort to her readers. 

As a reader, the part where the author had captivated my mind and soul was through this: “When you are ready, you will step behind it.”, which fore by means that whenever you feel angry, sad, anxious, or other negative emotions that tries to eat you up alive, they are just disguised as a sign for you to wake up. In other words, it is a challenge and a demand for you to repeat this process until you notice that you are growing lighter. Not only that, it also makes you realize that even though you cannot control the passage of time, you can somehow change your story. 

If you are feeling broken, unworthy, and undeserving of love, then this book is for you.  Reading this book is like caressing your soul through words that touch your core. You will be reminded to be kinder to yourself and to accept your flaws and imperfections. In the surface, healing does not seem easy because it will take plenty of time to mend up the wounds of the past. However, it is the only way to rise up again thus you will need to face the fear and trust the process. You must have the courage to fight the demons in your mind that contaminates the love in your soul.   These affirmations will not only help you realize the importance of your existence, it will also reveal the truest self of individuality. 

Overall, “When You’re Ready, This is How You Heal” by Brianna Wiest is an excellent self-help book. It deals with the genuine work of healing and awakening from a profound state of unconsciousness, to shed personas we have adapted, and to deliberately begin piercing together the whole reality of who we are meant to be. 

Written by: Elle Justo

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